Team Fortress 2 Pose Collection

These poses are quite old, I am just pointing out, so you don’t have to go insane at me.

So here is a small amount of all my Team Fortress 2 poses, nothing special ofcourse since there is no real Photoshop Editing or special effects they were also made back in 08’ and 09’ so I guess you can say that they are old.

This isn’t TF2 material but I just wanted to post it so I dont have to create another thread.

This is a pose with some of the Combine models from the Half-Life 2 Leak/Beta, some of them are from Raising the Bar.

**Here is all of the Team Fortress 2 poses that I’m going to show you.


**Note : **The ragdolls on the low-poly pose were hard as hell to pose since they are stiff as a stick or something that’s really hard to bend.


As much as you want.

Up your graphics.

Oh wait, never mind.

What system were you playing on!? A psx?!

Your poses don’t really make sense. No offense. But try to make a scene of them actually doing something instead of just random gestures and faces.

I don’t like any of them honestly.


Take his advice, please. It will save you.

My thread is perfect for stuff like this.

How can I “up” my graphics if they are at Maximum?

then wtf is this?
even if you used some custom low-res models this belongs to troll pose thread :cop:

i didn’t like any really soz

Using the Low-Poly TF2 models.