Team Fortress 2 Ragdoll Expression Problem

Hi,ive gotten Gmod and Team Fortress 2 a while ago and when i was playing gmod i noticed my TF2 ragdolls werent working.I could pose them but i couldnt finger pose or face pose them.Does anyone know why or how i can fix this problem?Thanks

Maybe some kind of addon is blocking it?
Delete your 2nd garrysmod folder do delete all addons and mods.
(C:/program files/steam/steamapps/<your steam name>/garrysmod/garrysmod)

If this does not work, consider reinstalling Gmod.


Hey,thanks for the help.I fixed it when i noticed expressions didnt work in TF2 the original game so i set options to Model Quality:High and it fixed it in both TF2 and Gmod.Well setting model quality to high in gmod too.