Team Fortress 2 Ragdoll Issues

A little while ago, I downloaded This file for Team Fortress 2 ragdolls that have looser physics than the official ones.

However, now when I use the models in public servers, it screws the ragdoll up. Specifically, hands in heads, foot stretched into being part of arm, and weird looking legs. And that’s just the Scout’s model.

I tried reinstalling Gmod already, but it does not seem to have changed anything. Is there a way to fix it? Do I have to reinstall Team Fortress 2 as well?

So its only in servers?Because I was going to say,better physics models themselves usually require practice and time,and thats just to stop exactly what you justr mentioned.

Correct, it only screws them up in servers. I asked another person on the server what they saw, and it was normal, but for me, it was messed up.

I tried moving them back into place, but it didn’t work. it wouldn’t go to the right place.

Gltichy computer,say?

I’m fairly sure my computer’s fine.

However, upon reading the thread some more, it’s not an uncommon issue.

I also read that you can’t pose the Engineer’s face with it. This is odd.

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Well, I managed to get rid of the .PHY files I downloaded that made them have looser physics. Which, according to many people on the thread, gives the characters their original physics back.

But I’d still love to know why it messed them up in public servers. XD

If I need looser physics at that moment, I think I’ll just use the shirtless models.

Probably because the server doesn’t have your same PHY files and so uses the old ones.

Other players saw them normally for the same reason

Don’t know why ragdolls are screwed for you tought

It messed up in the public servers because the server was using a different physics model. Most physics are simulated on the server, which is why it was incorrect when shown on your computer.

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I shouldn’t take too long to post…

Oh, sorry, I spaced out and forgot this thread…

But anyways, thanks for the help. I just had to delete the physics files and then they were fine.