Team Fortress 2 "Round lost" running animations.

Would it be possible to make a swep or an addon so that you could either become any of the tf2 classes with their “round lost” running animations, or if these animations could somehow be implemented into regular player models so you could start running funny in gmod?

Just a thought, I don’t know shit about lua so I can’t tell if this is impossible or not :S

These animations cannot be implemented into regular playermodels without a lot of work.

I suspected that might be so, but I thought it was worth asking at least.

… What do you mean you can’t do this?
It’s already been done, it’s pills, so it isn’t using normal playermodel animations.

Do a search for TF2 failure pills.

He said, to put it into normal playermodels. If you look at the pill, it makes your model the TF2 characters model (Which already have the animations baked in).