Team Fortress 2 Shoot a Movie

Good start


The posing needs work, and so does the blur. The sniper’s foot is hovering, and hes clipping all over the place, I have no idea what the engineer, spy and pyro are doing, and the scout is clipping and it doesn’t look like hes actually holding the camera. I do like the Horseman’s pose though, but his left leg looks strange. You also need to turn your graphics to max (including AA) before taking the screenshot, and use jpeg_quailty 100 (or 140, I’m not sure if 140 is actually better.)

You obviously didn’t try in Photoshop/Gimp either. The fire is just hovering there instead of coming from the torch, and I’d say there’s a bit too much of it. Also, when you put fire down and its meant to be behind something, outline the thing that’s in front of it with the lasso tool and delete that part of the fire.

Also I don’t think directors use green screens like that. I cant remember the last time I saw a green screen used in a feature film.

you serious? try “all the goddamn time”

maybe not always the classic big fuckoff tennis-ball-green screen, but at least something like it. many, many scenes of many, many movies are not actually genuine - nearly any in-car or in-cockpit (for aircraft) camera angle will use a subbed in background.

DOF looks horrible and I can’t tell if AA is on.
As for the posing, I’ve seen much worse.