Team fortress 2 Source sdk's Face Poser not working

Well, this window appears evrytime I open the Source sdk’s Face Poser for Team fortress 2.

Yes, I have refreshed the sdk content 2 times, still not working.

Help, please.

It’s just the standard error, only on italian.

Inva segnalazione erriori - Send error (or something)

Non inviare - Do not send

Well, and, how do I resolve this error?

Update your drivers. If that isn’t the problem, make sure you have a good enough computer to run the game.

My pc is good enough, The tf 2 faceposer doesn’t work since the valve updated the sdk.

same thing here, blame valve

So it doesn’t work also at you, so how did you do the lip sych in this video

if the sdk doesn’t work?

ps: I’m making a response of this video, lol

Yes, updates broke faceposer.

I copy pasted the lipsync data from one of the heavy lines to mine