Team Fortress 2 Style Bed

I apologize if this isn’t any sort of place to ask for this, but I’m need of a bed model for a map I’m currently making, one that wouldn’t be out of place in a barracks area and, obviously, Team Fortress 2 itself.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knew of such a model, or would make one themselves.

sounds intresting if this comes up ill be downloading it also :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone also knows of a hospital style bed available, I would appreciate a link to it. It’s not required in the same way the normal bed is, though, just making better use of some rooms.

Still in need of this model. I tried fixing one up before, but 3DS Max and modeling in general is so far over my head it’s not even funny.

I’ve seen a tf2 map that has a bed in it…hold on, let me look for it.

EDIT: Can’t find it, but I remember it’s called ctf_victorian.

I looked for it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I saw a download link, but the entire hosting site had gone down.

You know Lijitsu, me and my bf are making a huge tf2 map also that needs beds, he’s saying propper is the way to go. I for the life of me can’t model jack…so its all on him. Don’t know if that helps, what we are gonna end up doing is a different bed for each person on the team, maybe one or two will look the same but have different textures. If its ok with my bf I could ask him to give me the models to give to you…then again it’s up to him. Also for the hospital beds there is a map that has them: don’t know if that at all helps you.

To be perfectly honest, I highly doubt there will be more than 2 people with this map, I’m making it specifically for a friend to pose ragdolls in GMod. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get one of the more plain looking models, but I understand completely if your boyfriend wants to keep them private - his work, after all.

It does, thank you. I was looking for it, but I couldn’t remember the name and decided to hold off on serious searching until I could get the normal bed models. I can ask the guy who made the models if he minds releasing them, or if he did already.

I seem to remember he released some stuff off that map on I have no clue if the beds are there. And one of the more plain would be maybe sollys military styled cot or perhaps the scouts bed…I could even ask him to make a plain one if you want. Something with tf2 textures and style right?

I looked there a bit yesterday, but I was also looking on another site and was pretty tired by the time I started, so I didn’t get much done. I’ll give it another try, hopefully the beds were released so I can make better use of some of those extra rooms.

Yes, thank you, although the Soldier’s cot may be what I’m after. It’s supposed to look like it was supplied to the team as part of their standard base furniture, so being fairly bland would be part of what I’m going after.

Is this to detailed? I told him to make a basic one, the reason its so shiny is its chrome.

Sorry about the delayed response, since FacePunch has been down the last two days I’ve been struggling just to read the TF2 section.

That’s right about perfect, although I would prefer it if the headboard piece there was smaller.

Smaller huh? Id hate to ask him to redo that headboard he spent awhile on it. I do know that it has 14 skins you can choose from (he was testing them out). I think this is as close as it gets…But the hl2 matress does not fit in said bed and so he has to make a matress to fit in it, unless you just want the frame? Also everything on the bed except the bottom boards are noclipped for easy posing.

It’s fine, then, if it took him so long. I know nothing of modeling and assumed that was a relatively quick little piece added on for some flair, but it certainly doesn’t break the style at all, so it’s perfectly acceptable to leave it on.
I do need the mattress, unfortunately, as I don’t think I’m quite good enough at HAMMER to make a fake one out of a brush entity. At least not one that doesn’t look like crap.

Ok well he added the matress and it looks quite nice actually. Do you know of a free file hosting site so I can give this to you?

Several, although as of late I’ve been using for most of my file hosting needs. I haven’t had very many issues with it, and it hosts pretty much anything you want it to.

Done. This should hold any of the tf2 player models. Just dump it in gmod’s main folder blah blah…let me know how it goes.

He seems pleased with it, and if he’s happy I’m happy. I’m just the map monkey, but you made my job about a thousand times easier, and helped me finish the map much sooner than I was expecting. Thank you, and please extend my thanks to your boyfriend.

Your quite welcome, and I will tell him your thanks.