Team Fortress 2 Sweps


Dont try and find these if you like your microphone and pause menu… For some reason it screws up the pause menu and microphones for some very strange reason…

I remember beta testing this with you.
Good times :v:

Yeah, im flying!

You have made my dream a REALITY.
I will use this on the TF2 gamemode.

Do you have the Huntsman?


“Another quick note, This pack contains EVERYTHING, except Bonk energy drink, Medic sweps and engineer sweps, oh and the dead ringer.”

Yes, it haves.
or tf2_huntsman


I have to ask, how’d you get the c_models to display?

Why dont you look in the code and find out :v:

OH NOES! THE SECRET TO C_MODELS HAS BEEN LEAKED! Everyone run for your lifes!

It’s not really a secret. It’s been done a quite a few times before. :v:

Dont make my eyelander haunt you! :v:

I will come to save Daimao with my force-a-nature

It’s special for me, I’ve never figured out how to do it.

K, I just tried these, and I ended up getting lots of errors (the models also showed up as errors). I have TF2 installed and mounted, so am I doing something wrong?

Maybe theres a conflict with all that kermite shit you got.

Gold star for you. First swep(s) I LOVE by you. I didn’t like how the SIN replaces all my ammo into SiN things, but eh.

I prefer this one 'cause it has the unlocks. :smiley:

Man, I got rid of Kermite’s crap long time ago.

Sorry, but its missing:
Scottish Resistance
(i dont have finded) Chargin’Targe

It was hell of fun beta testing this with you.


Many thanks from me wizey :smiley:

This is so awesome! FINALLY! Even the UNLOCKABLES!! =D No crotch models! Yesh