Team Fortress 2: The Duel

TF2: TD is a comic made in Garry’s Mod.

Please Note

I, Traid Kelly, am only a beginner in posing, so, I would like Constructive Crit. to help me figure out if I am going to continue on this comic. If you can not post Constructive Crit. Well, that is fine, you can post as much degrading stuff as you like. I am just figuring out if I will continue this.

A day… A normal day… The Team was just about to hit the hay… When they came… The ‘Blue Team’ are now the official enemies of The Team. Watch their every step as they pass through a handfull of different fighting scenes and follow the story-line as The Team leads their way into victory, to take back the land that was once theirs…

Issue 1

Please note, I do know that I forgot the Engineer, and it was on purpose, for the engineer comes in later, but he is still shown in the ‘Team’ picture.

Spelling Error, Sain should be Sane. Sorry for the confusion


Issue 2


Thank you for reading this comic. Please leave advice on how to improve, or if I should continue.

Posing is very poor and I didn’t really get what the comic was about.

I dont get it

One thing’s for sure.
Those graphics are really, really bad. Turn them up before taking screenshots.

Well Atleast you put effort into it.

That so true, AI, because I actually once made a comic and posted it and it immediatly became flamebait, because I had 0% effort in it. Well, I was young back then, I’m more responsible now, heh…

You do know he was being sarcastic?

I don’t think he was…

that was a terrible move combine, he wasn’t aiming for sarcasm. i can see the effort put into this.

traid, here’s the thing

your comic is riddled with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, poor posing, poor graphics, poor layout, poor jokes, pretty much everything about it sucks

you get credit for trying, and i encourage you to make more comics, but how does being ‘responsible’ have to do with good comics?

improve, please.

What Really?
But the graphics look horrible and the posing is strange. Is that effort? The comic wasnt even funny or anything.


It’s spelled “Sane”. Please, run your dialog through a spellchecker before slapping it into the comic.

Did you not read before reading th comic? It says I know about the spelling mistake, and Up above 2 ^^^ What do you mean grammer errors? I think the only mistake I made was Sain and Sane, please explain.