Team Fortress 2 Voice Addon

I’ve had this sitting in my GMod for a few months now, decided to add a feature or two and release it. It’ll download to clients so everyone will have access to the menu while playing on your server.


[li]tf2_voice_menu - opens/closes the menu (if you hit it while the menu is fading out, it will open back up on that same menu)[/li][/ul]

[li]tf2_voice_bind <class 1-9> <menu 1-3> <clip 1-8> - let’s you open a specific menu, or play a specific sound from with one key press (Heavy yelling MEDIC! = tf2_voice_bind 5 1 1)[/li][/ul]

If you die or take damage while vocalizing, it will play the death/pain yell of whatever class you were using at the time, for added effect.

Just extract the lua file to garrysmod/lua/autorun



Looks awesome.

Damn it! I was working on something like this… Guess its kinda pointless now :frowning:
Looks good anyway


It is never pointless, maybe you can make it better?

Super awesome =p

Awesome is awesome, you don’t need a super to go along with it.

What the fuck, I was just thinking how awesome this would be.

Mine is customizable :smug:
Good job anyway.
(fucking school connection!,rated myself dumb,and mine is just clientside)

You have been BOXED! XD btw… REALLLYY awesome

Been a while since i was thinking, But i always wanted valves “looking” voice menu for alot of things. Wierd how i found this as i was thinking about it.