Team Fortress 2 zombie skins hexed



Zocoworld- Original creator (Original file- )


-Spy masks included

  • The Sniper’s glasses are messed, any help or a release fix would be great

Changing stuff

Use this stool-

This gives you masks, hats or no hats, rocket in Solder’s hand, huntsman arrows on the Sniper’s back, and no headpiece on the scout

Wow, awesome!

work on the flesh, it does not fit tf2.

I was expecting something like the hires version of the gib skin, applied to the player models. o: would not be a bad idea and will test that himself…

Not my skins, just hexed it

Bumping this just to let people know

ITS NOT A VIRUS, I SWEAR. SOME MORON JUST REPORTING SHIT! My recent players, Luigi’s croc, and some other stuff

This looks very bad. :C

What are you referring to? The skin or hex job? If the skins, its the closeset thing to Tf2 zombies, the only other zombies were a green team I think

The Red and Blu Demoman looks like the Joker but only Black.

great work i love them :smiley:

You really need a new GFX card that supports phong

Firemasheen you like talking about phongs eh?

EDIT all the posts you made are phong related

Do you even know what phong is? also stop rating yourself funny, TF2 Looks REALLY Shit without phong.

i never rate myself you silly arse also yes i do know what phong is it’s the lighting enhancements that provides a better approximation to a per-pixel application of an underlying reflection model by assuming a smoothly varying surface normal vector so see i do know what it is bitch

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Another hex I made in my spare time

**Gman VS Breen Spy skins **

Nice wiki-ing.

the scout looks like the i like turtles kid

If you could make these into a pack Id be real happy! Hell…call it adamibbo’s pack!

you have already posted this 3 times!

These really aren’t bad, but could be better. I don’t like the big spot like the patch of… white on the heavy.