Team Fortress Classic & Team Fortress Port

i haven’t seen any ports, but has anyone done a extraction of Team Fortress Classic & Team Fortress…

so could someone do them? i know team fortress uses quake engine so that shouldn’t be much trouble but i’m unsure for classic.

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i’ve only ever played classic for a few hours, but i agree shouldn’t be that hard since its basically quake engine.

Not exactly. Team Fortress Classic uses GoldSource. GoldSource is basically a modified version of the Quake engine. Although GoldSource is based off of the Quake engine, it is not the same thing. Also, I have the models but not extracted. I can do that if you’d like.

yes please do extract them, put the raws up if you can too.

Raw files directly from Team Fortress Classic.

You might need to re-rig it to use it in Source or just download these models:

Player models:

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Fixed the link here too.

If you’re using SFM, Goldsource models are typically comically easy to port - just decompile, adjust the QC a little bit, recompile and convert the textures to VTF.

If you’re using Garry’s Mod you’ll either need to pull a physics mesh from a HL:S model (which may not work right if the model has more bones) or build a new one. You also probably won’t be able to apply the GMOD player animations to it without a little poking at the rigs, which means that your dream Goldsource 2Fort RP Server (Lore-Friendly No OOC pls) might be a little more work than you’d hoped for unless you use these as a base instead.

As for Quakeworld Team Fortress, I have a Quakeguy model with the QWTF skins, but it won’t work as a player model (it has the HL1 player bones/sequences) and I can’t remember if the ragdoll on it works properly. I’m not sure how to release it, as I doubt there’s much call for comically low-poly models for GMod/SFM outside of my sick little mind.

So close… but i don’t have a dropbox account and i’m not really in need of one.

You don’t need an account to download files from it.

when you click on the link, it directs you to the sign in page.

That’s because the link they provided isn’t for public view. They need to provide a different link in order have others be able to download it, which they should be able to get by right-clicking on the file and choosing a certain option. I forget which option that is, considering I haven’t used Dropbox for the last year or so.

Sorry, I can’t seem to find the models.