Team Fortress GMod

Well, I’ve been secretly working on this for quite some time. Since I am a newbie to Gamemode coding I wanted to take my time, don’t be too harsh! :wink:

This is Team Fortress GMod, or TFG, my attempt to bring everything I love about Team Fortress 2, plus all the TFC like action of Fortress Forver into one snug package. That means it will include grenades! :4chan:

[ul]What’s finished:
[list]Capturing the flag, gives points, once the point limit is reached (easily modifiable) everyone is frozen and it moves on to the next map.[/ul]
[ul]Classes, all completely changeable via console commands[/ul]
[ul]Spy disguises, all of which work via console commands. Any disguise written that isn’t valid will be rejected[/ul]
[ul]Class specific HP and Movement speeds, currently not balanced or fine tuned at all. Just enough to give a sense of the game coming together.[/ul]
[ul]Medic Auto-Heal.[/ul]
[ul]Pyro can’t catch on fire.[/ul][/list]

[ul]What’s NOT finished:
[list]Weapons, currently, not a single weapon is finished. A few have been worked on a little though. (I mean a little, I’m not good with SWeps.)[/ul]
[ul]Maps. I’m a terrible mapper.[/ul]
[ul]Models. I can’t model.[/ul]
[ul]Bugs, little touches, and other misc stuff I can’t list.[/ul][/list]

[list]Currently, to see what class and team a player is, there are icons above everyone’s heads while they are on screen. This will stay unless I can find a talented modeler who can make models for each player and team! Spy disguises work by changing these icons![/ul]
[ul]Frag Grenades. I’m thinking of only adding Class specific grenades and ditching frags all together. The Demo and Soldier might get frags though. Time will tell![/ul][/list]

[list]Overview of the map, and HUD:[/ul]
[ul]Changing Class:[/ul]
[ul]Red Flag:[/ul]
[ul]Winning the game:[/ul]

:siren: We are looking for modelers and or skinners! If you are interested just PM me! :siren:

:siren:The only lua help needed is VGUI. I haven’t begun to tackle that yet!:siren:

[list]Myeslf - Creator, lead lua coder[/ul]
[ul]hitandrun - Co-Creator, ideas, basic SWep code, testing[/ul]
[ul]LuaLemon - Lua coder, Mapper[/ul]
[ul]sasuke0991 - Mapper[/ul]
[ul]Bounda - Mapper[/ul]
[ul]blackops7799 - Mapper[/ul]
[ul]Super_Nova - Mapper[/ul]
[ul]Officer Pie - SWep coder[/ul][/list]

C&C as I update! :slight_smile:

Why not just play TF2…

Why not try and remake it with lua? Besides, there are things in TF2 I don’t like. So I want to get kind of the best of both worlds with this. Also, it’s a good learning experience.

To answer your question… because TF2 is missing certain things I like.

I support this idea… Mainly cause I like TF2, TFC and GMod so, I support you in this project. :smiley: :3:

I do wish I could help you but I can’t do much of anything. :crying:

Don’t bring reasonable logic to the thread, people see it as unfriendly.

I don’t see it as unfriendly. :slight_smile: I just wish he would have read that I didn’t make this to be just like TF2, or TFC. I’m going for a blend of both.

Did you replicate the spy disguise effect?

Or are players going to be able to quickly change their disguise instantly with no cooldown or obvious change?

Well, currently since I have no models to identify each class… there are the icons. Right now what happens is when you type in your disguise (will use VGUI eventually), it says “You are disguising…” then 3 seconds later you are disguised as an enemy team class you chose, the icon above your head changes accordingly. The way I have it set up seems to work fine. Once I get models I will have effects and stuff to show disguising. But I need a modeler or otherwise it would be hard as hell to identify each class.

But yea, the Spy disguising works.

I’ll get a video up soon, just so you can see what I have done so far.

It would be interesting to see, although classes would be visually defined by the weapon they carry? or some sort of coloring?

Well, look at TF2, the first thing I notice is their model, and the brightly colored body signifies their team. I’m looking to go that route, again, once I get a modeler. :keke:

I might be able to map for your project.

I’m a good mapper. Pm me if needed.

After the new content is included, I guess you could just use that?
The models that is.

We where thinking that (well me mainly) but decided not to and try to make our own models for originality reasons.

That, and the fact that anyone who doesn’t have TF2 (if that is what you are suggesting) won’t be able to play. :keke:

Because TF2 doesn’t run on gmod. :science:

Media Update!

Here is a quick video showcasing the flags, capture points, sounds (not all are in yet), and the Scout’s and Heavy’s (the most polar opposites of classes) differences in speed and health. Spy disguising was left out as there are still some bugs. The weapon was a test to see how rocket jumping could work. The map is also horrid but I have mappers now. :keke:

Also, Youtube! :argh:

Are you gonna put in the “Your team captured the enemy flag” and others from TFC also?

Hopefully not giving anything away but yes but you have to hack together different words sigh.

I said all the sounds aren’t finished. But yes, there will be. I am putting all the sounds together from the Half Life GCF. It’s full of him just saying one word. :keke:

Also, expect another video up in 2 days at the latest. Most of the spy bugs are fixed and hopefully some weapons code. :slight_smile: