Team Fortress GMod

Need a mapper?

Would be glad to help out.

This is pretty cool now that I read your entire post.

I did play TF2, I wasn’t pleased but I was entertained.

If you think you can complete this, I would surely play this once I get the time.

Wish you luck on your project.

By the look of things, your maps may need more obstructions; that shotgun propulsion looks quite exploitable.

That was just a test map, and that shotgun was to see how the Rocket Launcher could be handled. :keke: The actual maps/weapons will be much more true to the game.

Of course, but the shotgun should perhaps be toned down a little.

It is unfriendly. You could reply to every thread in this forum with “Why not have a wank and go to bed”. It isn’t friendly, it’s negative.

I could give a go at mapping, although I am not the best. I will give it a try and see what I can come up with.

Thank you garry, please understand this is our first gamemode and both me and aska49 are not only doing this because we want to combine TF2 and TFC, but also for LUA practice since aska is a average coder while I am still like a complete newbie at it and we both want to upgrade our skills!

blackops… clear your inbox. I can’t PM you. :smiley:

Well I mean I understand Gmod Stranded, it’s taking an old game and updating it to a better engine, and Mahalis’ Portal Device, it’s Lua effects and code that’s never been done before, but this? This is like taking Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and redoing it for Torque Game Engine. :v:

Nah, I understand what the point is. It’s good practice, will help people who don’t have the Orange Box play TF, and it’ll be a bit different from TF2. I approve of this. At least somewhat. This kinda seems like reinventing the wheel to me, and it seems like you could work on a more unique project to learn Lua, but whatever. Good luck on the project!


  1. PLEASE do not make the medic an offensive class. Medics are meant for support. Instead, give the medic an ammo gun and a heal gun.

  2. Please don’t add grenades. Although you’re probably going to add them anyway, so whatever.

  3. Don’t add conc grenades. Whatever you do, just, don’t add conc grenades. They’re dumb.

  4. If you want me to make a map, I can try. I’ve never done a whole lot of mapping before, but I want to learn, and since you’re learning by doing LUA, maybe I could learn by mapping. In fact, I’ll work on a rough version of a new 2fort map and post it in this thread as soon as I can.

  5. Make different melee weapons besides just crowbars. When I play FF, and compare it to TF2, I think the fact that TF2 has new melee weapons makes a difference in how it looks and feels.

I’m gonna get to work on that map now…

I can understand this, but giving the medic a ammo gun would make it too strong.

Why make this exactly like TF2? Removing grenades would just make a TF2 in Garrys Mod.

Why remove the best part of TFC? How are they “dumb”? Because you suck with them?

Again, you’re just suggesting to make a TF2 in Garrys Mod. Though I did like it :slight_smile:

In the OP they say bringing together TF2 and TFC, not bringing TF2 and TF2 to Garrys Mod.

You’re worries shall soon be dismissed (hopefully). :keke:

  1. I won’t make the medic COMPLETELY defensive/support like TF2 does, but he won’t be an offensive class like in TFC/FF. The aspect of playing him will be to heal your teammates, but not stay behind walls while they take all the action!

  2. Grenades are tricky, I’ll admit I was very mad at Valve for removing them from TF2. I have to say it didn’t hurt the game near as much as I thought it would, when I actually started playing it, but they were still missing. :frowning: I’ve pretty much decided to add class specific grenades for EVERY class. But certain ones, like the concs and the default frags, have a high chance of not returning. Although I use them frequently, I feel it will turn many people off. They also won’t be near as useful as in TFC or FF.

  3. See #2.

  4. I currently have someone working on a remake of 2fort, and someone working on a remake of well. Only CtF will be working at the moment (don’t know if I will make changes for Dustbowl style maps). But any custom maps wouldn’t be a bad submission either. PM for entities to use to get it working with TFG.

  5. Already in the works. :wink:

Hey man, I PMed you about SWEP coding, but I forgot to mention I am a kinda good mapper… :slight_smile:


ahhh you took my usefulness!! no just kidding I look forward to be working with you soon!

Are you going to have different skins for each class?
Such as Kleiner for a medic and Grigori for the heavy?

We are looking for a modeler and or skinner at least. Right now they are just icons above their heads signifying their class/disguise. But once/if we get a modeler or skinner, yes, it will be by model or skin, not the icon. :keke:

I love the scouts icon :excited:

I can easily see scouts hopping across the map, taking the flag and getting away in 5 seconds

If you’re referring to the massive leaps from the video… that has no relation to the actual speeds the game will have.

Also, this project has been put on a hiatus for the time being.

:siren: It is in no way abandoned! I have other things needed to be done at the moment is all! :siren: