Team Fortress Hatted Radolls

Since the hats are too hard to put onto tf2 ragdolls why cant you make some ragdolls with the hats already on thier heads .And for some of the classes (Soldier, Scout e.t.c) someone can make hatless ragdolls of them.

Or if there is a way to do it (remove thier hats or add new ones) without making new ragdolls like a tool.

How are they hard to put the hats on? All you really need to do is nocollide the hat.

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uh, what

But how do I take off the hats from classes like scout, soldier, sniper and engineer.


does that really work, never tried that

If you know how to use the tool correctly, it works.

Point your crosshair to the hatted class, then open the console and type:
ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1
Replace 1 with whatever. As far as I know, the Scout has 3 bodygroups, one with just earpiece, one without hat and earpiece, and one without earpiece but with a hat.

It does work!

Ent_fire !picker setbodygroup >number< point at scout or something and you can take off hats and the earset from the scout , but no unmasking for the spy.