Team Fortress makes peace.

Since this sudden interest for posting TF2 screens shots, I thought why not.

Posing is very bad.

To me, Soldier looks just like he is going to betray sniper anyway. Have funny.

They are betraying each other and are of course unaware of this fact.

Plus it feels like Spy vs. Spy

I’m struggling to get the hang of the TF2 models. They are a bit tweaky.

Posing is bad, but the idea is very funny.

Shaking hands. They’re doin it wrong.

Get the improved rig it’s somewhere on facepunch.

The fingerposing is awkward…

Its obviously an secret & special type of peace hand shaking!

Funny but bad posing.


But yeah posing is pretty bad.

You can use a disguised red spy (Spy with a demoman face), so both sides are attacking.

I have such a need to say “SNIPER IS A SPY!”

You should search for nexus_elites improved TF2 phyisics.

Makes them much easier to pose.

nice idea,bad posing

Bad posing yes. I got it you know:)

As I suck at TF2 models, anyone who has time on their hands, feel free to have a go at the idea if you feel it deserves a better posing.

Thanks for honest opinion as always guys.