Team fortress NPCs...

Are there any? I could only find this… and it’s just a useless .2 file.

No, and I don’t think it is currently possible. Or anyone has solved the mystery.

But what about player models? There’s a really long thread…

If there’s a download anywhere in there, tell me. But there are none on garry’

No, no TF2 players are available. They were being worked on but he stopped. Basically any TF2 players or NPCS you find on .org are uploaded by morons who think t-posed things are normal

This is the best you will find to TF2 players but its only possible with these because they are CSS rigged

Gaah, I don’t have CSS.

You don’t need CSS to use them, the only thing that is CSS on them is the rigging. If it used CSS models or materials then you would need CSS