Team Fortress remake of that torture scene in Reservoir Dogs



The engineer should be Red…

A great picture though. Good posing, they look life-like! Good faceposing too!

Great job editing the masking tape in.

I like it, but the blood looks odd.

Three comments and it’s dead? I’m gonna start adding C&C to the title and in the thread, maybe that’ll get more attention.

Thank you DMGaina for the music.

I haven’t seen the movie in a while, so I don’t remember how the scene goes exactly, but right off the bat, the blood is kinda weird, and the angle doesn’t let you see the knife well. On the other hand, brilliant job with the sniper’s mouth gag.


Have you seen the movie?

I think it’s actually pretty cool. The spy is definitely enjoying it.

Also here’s the sequel i can’t do because I can’t edit it right.

Should’ve made Mr. Orange the spy.

nice editing:D

I like it very much. Blood could be better though, and it would be cool if Mr. Orange (engie) was a spy with a mask.

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Great posing and editing… But, to me, it looks nothing like the scene from the movie.

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I remember this scene! Mr.Orange should have alot more blood than normal,in the movie his whole shirt is red.