Team Fortress style Thompson SMG and Shotgun fix

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Team Fortress style Thompson SMG and Shotgun fix

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Team Fortress 2 styled Thompson, and a fixed version of the TF2 shotgun.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half-Life 2, Garrysmod, Team Fortress 2, a brain


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Below: [/release]

Enjoy, all you face-punchers!

PS: If any of you have any problems or errors, ask for help here. I’ll do my best to make a fixed version and upload the patch.


Another picture:

Valve: Original models
BlooCobalt: “Hacking” the models together, modifying mesh, some fixes, etc…
Enhanced_AI: Awesome pose.

I approve of this.

We need a sort of view model for this, that would be awesome.

And the engineer looks worried, “he’s already dead son”.

What was wrong with the shotgun?

Look like it would go perfecty with one of the soldier’s unlockables, good work.

I’d say it’s just a fix to stop it from using the Half Life skin on it.

Either way, that’s damn sexy.

Right now if you spawn a TF2 shotgun prop, it has the texture of the HL2 shotgun (the material files are named the same x.x)

As for the model…

yes. :pervert:

I’m also glad that you added a version with the clip out. Now all we need to do is make this a reskin for the SMG =D

The HL2 SPAS-12 and the shotgun from TF2 used the same texture, and this is a supposed fix for that error.

The TF2 shotgun thing was fixed a long time ago, but I never used it, so I’ll let this slide. :3:

Love the SMG, though.

Very nice model and damn sweet posing for the preview shots!

I’d like to see a replacement in Team Fortress 2 with the Thompson. That looks epic!

This is fantastic.

I’m the worse vanilla-guy ever and you made me download it.


Could you make a variation/change it to a drumb clip? I would less-than-three you and then proceed to download it.

I would want these to replace HL2 Weapons.

Shootgun fix :ms::haw::fh:

Should do a PPSH now…

Even better, someone should do a German and Russian version of the Soldier class. Not a re-skin, a model.

AWESOME, but thompson looks more like an mp40 to me.

I find it awesome how you just stuck different parts of different TF2 weapons together (I can see the Grenade Launcher, SMG and Shotgun, and maybe something else), and yet it looks really good. I’m not a poser guy so this will be pretty much useless to me, but good job on that anyway.

Bloocobalt is a really awesome model hacker. :dance:

Thank you all for your positive comments, download and enjoy!

PS: I rated you all with something nice. :love: