Team Fortress Zoo

Welcome to TF2’s extremely messed-up ecosystem. This is just something I’m doing for fun, so don’t expect anything TOO impressive; just some fun screenshots/descriptions.

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Like their terrestrial cousins, Pyrosharks are ambush predators. However, unlike other Pyros, they are aquatic, lurking in the Badlands’ shallow ponds and swamps. They wait for prey, such as unsuspecting Scouts or Sollybirds, then drag them beneath the surface. Unlike their flame-spewing cousins, Pyrosharks kill prey using a powerful electrical charge, which is strong enough to quickly dispatch even a Heavy.

Totally imagining that description in David Attenborough’s voice :v:

Among the rarest of all Pyro species, Pyragons are also the most feared. They are ferocious predators, building nests in volcanic caverns and emerging at night to hunt. They have sacrificed the airblast ability possessed by other Pyros for a far more powerful flame, and use it to great effect, attacking their prey from behind and burning it alive. They often hunt in packs, making them even more dangerous than when alone. Despite this, their lack of airblast makes them vulnerable to Soldiers, which is why they conceal themselves in caves during the day.

The Heavypotamus is an amphibious, herbivorous species of Heavy. Unlike most other Heavies, Heavypotami are relatively docile, preferring to use their sheer size to ward of potential predators. Occasionally, they will engage in spectacular, but nonlethal, battles over territory in food. However, if forced to fight, they are incredibly dangerous, as their powerful jaws and massive fists are more than just for show.

Demowolves are a rare breed of Demoman, belonging to the same family as Demoknights. However, Demowolves are unique in that they are nocturnal pack hunters, using complex teamwork to bring down prey. Pack members determine their rank through the size of their manes; the highest-ranking members have the largest manes. When hunting, Demowolves howl to each other to keep track of each pack member’s location. They surround their prey, singling out weak or inexperienced targets, then charging them all at once. This tactic allows them to bring down quarry far larger than themselves, although they often have trouble catching faster prey.

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A common sight during the fall, Piss-Owls are, despite their name, a highly specialized species of Sniper. They are capable of flying almost silently, catching their prey unawares. They often cover their victims in urine, hence their name; this urine is highly caustic and helps disable their prey before they dispatch it.

Piss-Owl would piss me off. Literally. :v: