Team FortressField 2

A TF2 mod, Just like the old TF2 but with vehicles, like Battlefield!


Here a good look at the new class “The Driver”.

some cl_drawhud 0 screenshots

Another look at the new class.

You guys possibly already knew this is not real, but ah well. I had fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Thanks to Superfrog for Driver :3

Really cool man! I see you put lots effort in this. Artsy’d

Fucking awesome!

Nicely done!
I lold at the Driver!

third image is awesome.

I want driver for self…

Nice :smiley:

Absolutely awesome, and great editing on the dust.

This really does need to be a mod.

(BTW, how did you get the TF2 minigun effect in the first pic? Has the particle systems controller been updated?)


Wait, wtf is with the sniper in pic 3?

Very nice, have you reskinned the hl2 car just for the screenshots? :v:

Yeah I did actually :stuck_out_tongue: I even downloaded a modified model for it.

No it’s photoshopped in.

And the sniper is pinned to the wall by an arrow. :3

I believed it for a few seconds :argh:

Link to the driver model please!!!
Aswell as the jeep if you don’t mind :d

It’s from superfrog and he won’t give it to you.


Believe me I tried.



take a peek


oh wait nevermind

This looks great.

Haha! Awesome.

No you!

No real editing? Oh well. I like it.

If this game was real and came from EA we would have PunkBuster. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU