Team karting 2

first post btw :smiley:

Dont use construct or flatgrass.

I see the effort.

This image lacks:

Decent faceposing
A good map
Good lightning
Motion blur

0/10. I’m gonna go throw up at this abomination, and tell you to sell your Steam account before you do any more horrors and post them on FP, unless you’re willing to become better first.


If I had access to my PC I could make a better picture then you just for shits and giggles.

Well this sucks

Goldenbullet made that tutorial for nothing :frown:.

Dont use the ingame explosion effect bro and try to use TF2 maps for TF2 poses.

The posing is above ok, it just needs some finger posing.

Oke tnx for the tips.

i tough it was funny to post :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re so constructive. :wrongful:

It may be one of his first poses, but I like it. certainly on the right track to soon to be creative poses.