Team Life - Chapter 1

I made a little comic, I hope you like it.

Zis iz wunderbar.

Near! Glad to see ya!

Top notch…shall be an interesting twist on the ol’ familiar plot.

This is great, thanks for sharing Near. It feels nice seeing an old timer making Gmod content again.

I am looking forward to more. Keep it up!

That was great, welcome back Near Elite! Fantastic idea and brilliant execution, the dialogue of the Heavy and the Medic in particular was superbly written and faithful to the characters’ voices.

If I can just offer a bit of constructive criticism, some of the very last panels with the Medic are hard to read due to a drastic change in font size. But that’s pretty much it.

“Line not moving! We must push!”…My sides hit terminal velocity.

Welcome back dude. Fantastic work, can’t wait to read more! Also, any chance of you re-uploading your old comics?

Welcome back! It’s like everybody’s returning!


Near Elite, I remember that name… the name that posted so many awesome comics back in the days.
Some things just don’t change, nice work !

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I could certainly do that if there’s interest, if only I remembered which ones people liked.

I can understand, I wanted to visualize “fancy talk”, it was kind of hard to find a font that looked both fancy and was easily readable. (If anyone knows of one, just tell me.)

Excellent work, I know your name well and you’ve certainly made one hell of a comeback.

Loved it, looking forward to chapters to come.

I personally loved The Last War!

It’s good to see you making comics again. As for the comic itself, it’s really interesting and i’m looking forward to the next one!