Team Looking for Active & Mature Players


Are you looking for a group of good rust players? Well you’re in luck because Clan Magnus Legio (-CML-) is recruiting.
CML is a multi-game clan / community. We pride ourselves in our ability to use superior teamwork and coordination to overcome any obstacle.
Before responding please consider the following:

● Are you an active Rust player?
● Are you a mature player?
● Are you motivated by being a part of a team?
● Are you interested in being a part of something larger than yourself?
● Do you have a solid understanding of the game mechanics?
● Do you have a mic and Teamspeak?
● Can you pull your own weight?
● Can you get along with others?

We are currently playing on

Below is a profile link. Please add me if you can say yes to the above.

Once added there will be an interview process before you submit an application to CML via our website:
Best of luck to all that respond!