Team of Fortress: Bound in Blood

I know the posing is abit off, but, I’ve been gone for a while. This is also my first “serious edit”.
So, enjoy.

Also, on a sidenote, I’ve been looking for a screenshot for the last hour, it’s post-apocalypic, it’s themed in a cave with Team Fortress guys, two are tampering with a tipped-over cart, and another two are dragging away a seemingly delirious medic, if anyone has it bookmarked or something, mind linking it?

Oh, and, C&C, please.

I like it. Though, I don’t get the title.



It’s a reference to Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.
That’s how the duel system works in that game.

Also, why is the muzzle flash a bunch of sparks?

Because it’s shooting a lot of bullets.

Mainly to keep it from blocking the image too much, but also because it looked like that in the first Call of Juarez.

Sparky muzzleflashes.



Thanks, you made my desktop happy.

I liked Call of Jaurez. I might have to reinstall it now.

Shite! Engineer must kill the spy :saddowns:

Sorry, accourding to wild west rules: The taller, the deadlier.

Aren’t you tired of being such a funny mate!

It’s a tough job… But somebody’s gotta do it…