Team Selection

I’m using Rambo_6’s Fretta tutorial ( but it doesn’t cover team selection and things like that.

I’ve set up two teams with their classes but when I join the game I don’t get any sort of team selection menu. Is there a team selection menu built into Fretta that I can use, or is this something I have to make myself?

There is a team selection menu built in. Press F1.

Alternatively, you can set a player’s team through Lua using **[Player.SetTeam](**.

The F1 key doesn’t seem to be bringing up any menus for me :frowning:

There could be a couple problems.

  1. You didn’t derive from Fretta correctly. Are you sure Fretta is loading?
  2. Your gamemode has errors and did not load correctly. Check your console.
  3. You overrode the F1 menu with a custom menu
  4. You override the F1 key, possibly with an addon.