Hi! I wasn’t able to find an example on how to use team.SetColor in darkrp.
I was wondering if any of you guys can provide one?

After you declare the job, call team.SetColor(TEAM_ENUM, Color(255, 255, 255)).

local function UnderCover( ply, text, team ) 
     if string.sub( text, 1, 5 ) == "!hide" then
   		local PlyTeam = ply:Team()
   		ply:ChatPrint("Hello "..PlyTeam)

   		if PlyTeam == 29 then
hook.Add("PlayerSay", "UnderCover", UnderCover )

Am I not declaring the job correctly?

Yeah you are but, is even team.SetColor networked?
I think you’ve got to send it to the client or something after that so it updates, i’m not sure tho, but according to the code on the thing, i don’t see it being networked. You can try doing so.

I forgot to mention the error i was getting, I don’t know if it matters.

lua:53: attempt to index local ‘team’ (a boolean value)

Because you’re overriding the Team library with the 3rd argument from the function. Rename it to something else like, isTeam instead.

Ok, I renamed the var isteam, it throws no errors, but does nothing to team color. I wouldnt know how to proceed.
Edit: The name in chat changes color, the scoreboard does not.

Sorry, yeah all set, I used sendlua, thanks. To set the job name, I used a timer for 3 seconds, but thats not working.

timer.Simple(3, function()
     ply:ConCommand("say /job Thief")

Edit: I’m dumb, scoreboard not using getdarkrpvar. Thanks for your help!

You shouldn’t use SendLua nor ConCommand for that: use net messages.

Sorry, lol I ended up using updateJob() anyways!