Team.SetUp Color?

If i create a Convar like CreateConVar(“AdvancedSB_Team_Admin_Red”, 123)
local AdminRed = GetConVar(“AdvancedSB_Team_Admin_Red”):GetInt()
and make a Team like:
team.SetUp(1, “Admin”, Color(AdminRed))

Would it work without restarts to change the colour of the team? or do i need a Restart?
I ask that before i try to fix something that does not work :smiley:

Everything needs a restart for it to take effect. Whether its just lua_reloadents or gamemode_reload, in order for the change to take effect, it needs to be reloaded.

Plus, AdminRed is an integer. You would need four different integers (red/blue/green/alpha).

function MakeAdminTeam(ply)

TEAM_ADMIN = team.SetUp(1, “Admin”, Color(255,0,0,255))

That will make it so you can run “AdvancedSB_Team_Admin” in console and you become part of the admin team. Your team color will be red.

Hey. I know how to Create a Team or to join it.
I just asked , is there a way to do it without restarts.
It doesnt work. so thanks ^^ oh. uhm Yea i had 4 Convars. adminred admingreen admin blue and alpha :slight_smile: