"Team Spartan" My first screenshot on FP :3

Well i’ve been posing for a while now, but i haven’t got much critisism from my friends or other since those screenshots are on STEAM. So folks, i give you, “Team Spartan”.

C&C Please!

Looks like you’ve shrunked it horizontally.

Team Anorexic

Very constructive…

Why are they so thin, man. 'Cause that’s, like, unhealthy.

Too much space between the ragdolls and check the posing on the legs, they look awkward.

Also, did you squeeze the picture?

Dat bloom, posing looks pretty solid though.

Ok, i’ll try fix the legs next time. No i didn’t squeeze the pic, i uploaded it to tinypic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t use tinypic if it did that and make sure to crop out shit that isn’t needed(all that space above the helicopter.

Ok thanks for the critisism guys :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s noot bad for a first one!
Just a bit weird because of the “thinned” image.

ok so a bunch of vietnam era soldiers with a futuristic spartan with a minigun are standing on what looks to be a… uhhh ocean or some thing?

nothing wrong or confusing here no sir

Ok, so with other words you think i should improve the concept, right?

Also, thanks everyone for the informative stuff, i’ll try to remember all these things next time!

concept shure