TeamFortress 2 On some maps it crashes.

Well hi guys im having a problem with TeamFortress 2 well on some maps i got from fpsbanana i play a little and freezes up and doesn’t recover so then i hit ctrl alt delete and run task manager and end TeamFortress 2 and this is happening alot and the error is hl2.exe error nad this is just on some maps, and then theres a little warning message after i close TeamFortress 2 it says igfx has just recovered from a crash. Please help Thanks you guys.

Is your PC new and what are your computer Specs?

i got a message saying igfx recovered do you have a intel video card?

My computer is about a year old.

RAM 2.00 GB
Windows Vista 32-bit operating system.
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950.
Intel® 82945G Express Chipset Family.

If you need more please tell me thanks alot.

i have a intel chipset it crashes with some explosions or half life 2 nvidia or ati are better than intel it is a problem with the intel card it is also not on steams video card database

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Get a real computer.

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it is the intel card it is not good with games
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