Teaming up with people

Some friends and I are trying to build a nice house and have good gear and basically have fun in rust but this is impossible whenever everytime you go to do something people kill you. You go out to get materials some asshole come over and kills you. You go to get supplies from the pre made houses you get killed. You log out for the night and come on in the morning and your shits been raiding. It pisses me off. If we gat more people we might be able to make a great huge house and survive and have fun. If you want to join message me and hopfully this game can become fun instead of frustrating as hell.

skype caz.mate ill be glad to help you guys out

Hi mate,

would gladly play with you, I do also need a fuend :D.
I can only play few hours at night since I work, but I can play properly week-ends though.
PM me couldn’t send you since you didn’t activate it.


hey would love to play with u :wink: skype = StormFreerunner, i need a friend to so ;D

i’m up for it!
Steam= Tewnty

Do you guys have mumble? I think i might get a mumble server cause i hate using skype

I’d be down to join up this new group, my skype is lgxyjsh.

ohh srry about that i didnt know i had to do anything to get masseages add me on skype my name is notslip and we can talk on there