teammate mod?

i want a mod that gives you a teammate like a citezen only ISNT COMPLETELY USELESS. one that has more than .003 hp and knows how to fire a gun at someone more than 10 feet away. exaggerations beside the point. heres an example: the game star wars republic commando, you had teammates that were like your skill not total peons under your almighty control. or like army of 2 where they can actually take some sord of commands alike cover, move up, etc. so if oneof these exist please! inform me! ive been looking all over! if it sounds like something fun youd like to try, then say so! i bet other ppl would like to have this just like me.

also, why can only 4 teammates follo u at once?


Only works with maps that don’t have nodes like flatgrass. You press e or your use button and you can make them join or unjoin.