Rust Server is Live!

TeamPlayerGaming Rust Server - Rust++ Enabled
Connection Info:

Sleepers, fall damage on, Air Drops, PvP, Modded loot tables for rarity of high value items.

We are a new team oriented 100 max player PvP server. Currently, community members are playing regularly and we are looking for some new joiners. We are friendly, and hostile, it all depends, we like to provide a good mix. Since our server new, you can expect to join and build up your base without getting raided to hell and back by community members, we understand how that feels. But, do expect straight up PvP action in the radioactive zones (and elsewhere, there are eyes everywhere)! Gotta earn that base you know! As time goes on, the gloves can come off accordingly.

Please join us.

server sub section, you might missed that -.-