Teams kill the game?

Hi all, again need too say sorry for my bad englisch.

mi question is easy, 1 solo player , 2 hours pro day in game, got after 3-4 day (in real) all crafted, if want a 3x3x4 base and only objectiv in game remain farm too build 2c4 pro day… near this groups talking in every server y played, over stock of 30-40 c4… and only what in server remain, is big big house and a lot of tiny medium house reided or abbandoned, groups got a weeck raidable targets, solo players, whit the 2 c4 pro day got only tiny, half the time abbandoned house…
this is fast noth fun for me soloplayer, and fast for groups too…

And now my question, are teams “serverkillers” , and if yes, you think is a way too reduce the power of a team, whitout kill the singleplayers of the game?? or the only solution for this is wipe and wipe again if server is dead, after 1 maybe 2 weecks?

over this point i think developers and game, need a help too solve this situation, or what after 700 in game hours my perception is :confused:
ty for patience and too sopport my badengl post …

I think it’s quite realistic, teams > single player.

You can look yourself for a team or think about some tactic so you still be able to compete with them (tho it’ll take you longer and will be more work)

The map is huge, you can build several hidden bases, in mountains, “dead fields”, etc
Always take care that no1 follows you to your home and just use alot of doors in your building.
Very important is to have some map awareness, even more when you are at a disadvantage.

What could devs improve…
I think maybe give some more oportunities to build hidden, I’m almost sure this will happen, as there will be another map anyway.

Lol mate, my problem is noth survive, y only play in 100/150 all the time servers, and my base is on middle of french walley, after 700 hours in game, only cheaters raid all my staff… my question is noth for my person, is for the game in general, servers die in 10 days… and whitout wipe is hard too refull it.

solo player is my decision, after i played a lot on team, team are too easy… now solo is too easy too… the game need a big inprovements in difficulty , y dont now if u stand what y think …

Do what I did, find some other solo players or duos on the server and team up with them! It helps if you rent your own TS (which is dirt cheap) and invite them to it in the name of defending the area you live in even if you don’t do everything together!

When it comes to survival, there is always safety in numbers! If you CHOOSE to play entirely solo on 100 player servers you can’t really complain about teams ruining the game! It is a multiplayer game after all! Lol.

EDIT: just reread your last post. Games to easy solo and in teams? Aye… Lol

With a proper english, …, w/e :>

Anyway, imo teams don’t ruin the game, they are part of the game.
And everyone has the choice, to either join a team or go solo/duo.

Game is too easy? Right now yes. But this hasn’t to do anything with the “teams” rather with unbalanced or missing content, as the game is in alpha still.

Food is too easy obtainable, so the weapons and armors.
RAD isn’t a real threat, neither the animals.
Cold didn’t affect me anytime.

Servers can’t survive - not because of the teams, rather because there are just too many of them.
Then too often the staff doesn’t know how to properly run a server (or don’t have the right possibilities like vs hackers)
PlugIns bugged, unbalanced “custom loot”, ridiculous rules (like in one server they want you to announce your raids, wtf… lol)
Hard trys by admins making the game harder converting it into a boring grinding thing which feels more like work than fun, etc etc

Back to topic:
Most fun actually was in team, not to have things easier, but because of the communication in there and the feeling to belong to a place.

It’s not like there is a feature in the game that helps build teams other than creating lock codes on your door. You can’t prevent people from banding together and creating a massive building/village nor can you prevent them from teaming up together and raiding others. It’s actually quite difficult to keep a decent team together and organized in fights because they only way you can tell who’s who is by what they wear unless you are 5 feet from them and can see their name. If you want to play solo, then go for it, but a well organized team will always beat you, of course that is unless you are a wicked good shot.

Yes, team or noth team is noth the problem, repeat me again, what y say is : after 8-10 real days in game after wipe, wath is remaining in a server whit 150/150 ath start??
Its REALY boring play in 1 server whit lack of player and lot of decayed building… Who all got lot off top staff and are full whit c4 .
U say team chat is the fun… Dont think the game is ficus ed on it, and maybe 50% players playng solo :confused:

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You focused my post… And agree whit what u say, Buth ym wrong if y say, whit this sistem server die fast?

Stop crying and grow up… Go play a single player game jeez…

What an insightful and mature reply! I’m amazed.

It will always be the case that groups of people have a major competetive edge in multiplayer games. Battlefield, counterstrike, etc etc. The reason I think people (including me at times) have a problem with this in Rust, is that they can take everything from you without any real effort.

A guy playing alone might have to farm for days to afford enough C4 to blow some walls, while the group can just shoot and farm everything in sight.

This is what harms Rust the most

So? That’s the game, nothing you can do about it. You either do it alone and know it could happen or team up with some friends, that’s your way of playing. There already are topics like this and it all ends up with the same posts.

If you want to experience the game on your own, feel free to do so. No one will stop you. But you know people will team up since it can be more fun.

In case you loose big time, you can re-build quicker then playing alone.

If raiding / farming C4 is the problem, you could play on a server which has taken them out…

Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it? I never complained, I just stated the current situation.

Just saying it in general then.

As you say “a guy playing alone might have to farm all day whilst teams do it quicker”…

Having played in a group that dominated or rivaled each server we joined, I don’t like group play at the moment. There’s so little emphasis on survival right now that you end up sitting on entire crates dedicated to one gun type, ammo type and I would simply throw 9mm away. I was the builder for our group, and the amount of resources they brought back to me was staggering, after one day our base was pretty much unraidable by the average player.

And once groups become established in their mega-fortresses, it becomes a matter of who logs off first and who plays more than the other. There’s no skill or strategy at the moment, unfortunately, since it’s rare to find a group that will attack a base that’s manned. I don’t blame them since it’s easy to defend when you know your layout and have limitless supplies.

I’ve shunned groups and fortresses, resorting to hidden 1x1’s in the hills, and I’ve been having a blast playing by myself against the odds. I don’t enjoy not having a challenge, and it makes me laugh seeing large clans talk shit in chat, I just shake my head and go back to stalking that kevlar who’s fallen behind his group.

if teams ruined the game then dont play survival games. This game isnt about surviving you always have a better chance of survival in a group as they say. So not it doesnt ruin the game it makes people try and work together more.

If you think teams have it all easy, there are downsides. Teams BURN through ammo and medkits, basically anything consumable is hard to keep up with.

Read the post and retry…

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Exatly what y Anna say… Alone is a problem, buth on team is noth much better… Ty mate

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Read all again and edit our post… Please y REALY think this central problem on actually rustalpha game is… Stop dumbing…
God my englisch :0

The problem is raiding is too easy right now. There needs to be a means of defense while offline otherwise the game crumbles. I’ve been there, done it all and I can honestly say that raiding is by far the easiest way to get resources and kill a server.

It’s hard to play solo against groups, I agree completely. Strength in numbers is real on Rust, and if you aren’t in a team, it’s hard to get in on the action.