Teamspeak Dedicated to Rust: 400 Slots For The Community

Hello everyone in the rust community!
I’m here to tell you of my new project a 400 slot Teamspeak Server, We are offering private clan channels and almost fully admin monitored teamspeak for the community. this teamspeak is only to be used for the rust community.

To connect to the rust community teamspeak join with this ip:

Thanks, Best of luck to all of you hope to see you there!


neat, I’ll be on there from time to time

(more like sitting in the AFK channel)

Can I come in there and beg for keys?

Sure but you will be banned.

So is it only for people with Keys? I’d be interested in popping in from time to time just to hear about the game from people playing it tbh.


As long as you don’t beg you will be fine no matter where you are :v:

I’d like to hop into it and see how people play and just hear about it tbh.

Half the people in there won’t even have the game. Makes me sad I don’t use my Rust account.

Tinter you should be nice and gift it to somebody. That should include me, of course. #hint

Thanks for this. It’ll be the substitution for in-game voice chat for now :stuck_out_tongue: I joke, it will but what you have done is very kind.

Can’t wait till players team up and build :smiley: Using a Teamspeak will clear out alot.

Anybody can join There are two different ranks Members and rust players, So people without and with the game can join the teamspeak to hangout.

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You can if you like.

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I’m hoping that is what it’s used for.

Very Nice

Update: New permission system and some channel edits!
Clan system online: Contact zoey to make a clan channel and rank!

Update:New moderator Brian!
Domain name bought UNDER CONSTRUCTION:
new email to contact me when there is an

We are very sorry about the issue, we are trying to recruit more staff as soon as we can, thanks!

Great TS. Using it every day.

Can I join in just to listen?

Yeah everyone is welcome, we have separate ranks for people who own and don’t own Rust.

Due to the mass flow of key beggars people without the game are no longer #ACCEPTED#
This will be changed shortly while we get more moderators and admins in place, sorry for the inconvenience.

why would there be moderators and admins on a voip server?