Teamspeak overlay plugin seen as a cheat?


I wanted to ask if the Teamspeak overlay plugin is considered a cheat and will get you banned in rust.
It’s easy to know wich one is speaking but it warns me that it might be considered as a cheat an might get me banned.

Does anybody of you know if it is like that in Rust or may I just use it without having a problem?


Can’t imagine why it would or be considered a cheat. No game or anticheat has ever done that.

Teamspeak itself says that, Im just making sure :slight_smile:

Mumble and teamspeak will allow you to add a crosshair by having your pointer displayed in the center of teh screen. I think this is technically cheating, but shit there are WAY bigger fish to fry. Every server right now has large groups of hackers.

He is referring to the overlay that allows you to see who is chatting over TS3 VOIP while in game. As for the OPs question. I’ve personally never heard of anyone being banned for using it in a game.

yes maybe it will detect it as cheat carefull … cuz the ts overlay inject in the main source of the game so i would recommend NOT to run overlay until your are sure u will not get banned

I would get in direct contact with Teamspeak developers and inquire about it, see if anyone knows there. I would think it best not to test it being supposedly safe.