"Teamwork is a Necessity"


I hope you enjoy… Also a major thanks to TheGooddoctorF for editing this… Cheers dude.


Jacknifes edit…
Sorry bout that :v:

why does faith look so ugly in the picture?

I laughed, wasn’t expecting something like this at all, nice work with it :v:

Faith and Wraith

One is a Asian Free Running Courier

and the other a Czech Free Running Necrophiliac


you betcha!

yay my edit c:

BF3/J.J. Abrams version

I laughed.

Teamwork, of course. Because she couldn’t jump that 8 foot gap on her own.

Kidding, mate. Nice work. Good to see some Mirror’s Edge stuff after so long.

I fixed that for you

That dove looks very big.