Tear up your bp's in to Blue Frags.

Like everyone else, I often get BP’s I already know. I want to be able to tear them up again and get Blueprint Fragments! # generated could be bases on Item Tier or whatever and it can have diminished returns, whatever.

I don’t like it

Honestly, I wish BPs were just removed altogether. How I understood it, introducing the BP fragment system was supposed to slow progression by forcing people to either cash them in for higher level items or use them in research. I assumed adding fragments would mean normal BPs would be removed completely. Instead, fragments have only sped up progression because normal BPs are still available. Making duplicate BPs recyclable would only increase the number of BP frags people can currently get, speeding progression even faster.

The update was in two parts as stated by Helk. He wanted to introduce the frags to see how they perform, if the feedback was good he would pull bp’s and increase item spawn rates.

That said, they don’t do much different that original bp searching, there is still a lot of rng involved in getting bp’s which is really really annoying. Pretty sure I’ve been through over 100 pages and still no quarry, no pumpjack.

I think I’d still opt for the assembly of books with multiple volumes (Mining, Metalworking, Gunsmithing, etc) so vol 1 for mining would get you sheet metal tools/survey charges, vol 2 would get you the lamp hat and pick axe, vol 3 would get you the quarry. You would have to assemble these volumes in order as well to learn them properly. This would also allow for tutorials as people progress, primarily for newer players.

The research angle for the fragments is really solid though, using them to boost research chance.

I do like the research part of the BPs. Finding items and using BPs instead of farming ridiculous amounts of wood for paper is a far better system in every way.

With my group (6 reasonably active, 3 less active players), the BP search is basically over until the next BP wipe and has been since Sunday or so. We can make every tool, deployable, and useful weapons. The only useful BPs we’ve not yet stumbled upon are the wooden walls and (vagabond) jacket. Most of the BPs came from barrel and crate drops, although a few like the pump jack did come from the research table. But IMO, the fragment system made it way too quick to hit an end game state.

The BP fragments should be item specific and maybe tiered in a way that so many of one item will get you the BP of a better item.

Like you break a barrel and get 3 BP frags, when you put them in your inventory a BP menu pops up that shows your fragments

BP Frags:
Pickax - 2 10 needed
Hatchet 1 10 needed

And so on.

Then maybe on an advanced tier it could say:

Hatchet BP
5 = Machete BP
10 = Sword BP

So you could keep collecting them and decide what BP you want to turn them into.

I like the current fragments system. But I’d love to see regular BPs removed. You can either cash in your fragments for pages > books, etc, or use them to research an existing item. To me, that would be the best solution that would slow progression down significantly for everyone.

Problem is you are only seeing this from your perspective of being a group player. OP i bet is a solo player wich btw are a lot of the players currently playing

Well. I have a problem or two with it.

  1. It’s illogical. the idea is, you got a lot of different scraps of paper, that you have no clue what it makes when you piece it together after which, you have a complete BP. You cant tear up plans for an AK, and use it to make plans for a hatchet…

  2. it’s less balanced that way. saving up fragments is a gamble. you can hedge your bets by saving up, or use a BP table to be certain, although expensive. but if you can use them, then rip them up again if you don’t like what you get, then that gamble is gone. anybody can get anything with certainty. If I need a hatchet, and you have that bp… well why risk it? I’ll just tear it up again until i get what I want.

The thing is, that whatever speeds up solo progression speeds up group progression exponentially. It doesn’t really matter how it’s done. A group will always progress way faster than an individual playing solo. You only need to have 1 person in a group that can make an item, and all of a sudden the entire group has access to that item. Regardless of how it’s done, that’s how it will always be. And having both BPs and fragments just speeds that process up.

And that’s the hard part - finding balance.

Can’t be so hard to attain so as to screw over the solo players. But make it too easy, and the groups become super OP in that respect (screwing over the solo players again).

We need a more developed server classification system, so solo players don’t get lost by vague server titles and end up hating the game because they didn’t realize the servers hosted a certain “game style” that didn’t necessarily represent the potential of the game very well.

I started playing on a pseudo-vanilla faction server now, and it’s MUCH better than the “screw everyone over the first chance you get” servers. :slight_smile: