Teaser for a map

This is a map made by me, but everything was thought up by my friends, please tell me what you think of the trailer!


there ya go, and yeah it looks pree good.

Zombie corpses are not scary

If you saw one in real life you would go “lol not scaree” an walk away?

I didn’t know garrys mod maps, and videos translated into real life…

We got a problem with all the nukes going off then…


also the videos way way way too dark.

Looks pretty good. Needs more blood though, you dont have a rotting severed pair of legs in a corner without blood and gunk everywhere :confused:

The purpose of a teaser video is to entice me on the product (the map) – it definitely didn’t do that. You gotta show some of the map and not just overhead lights and a dead zombie. Otherwise, I felt that everything else was good.