Teaser for somekind of horror project [TEST]

Nothing special, really short and quickly done.


Thanks, also i’m considering that i add hands to the final version. Like, more realistic view.

Let me just say this right now. I’m getting tired of this forum for alot of reasons, one major reason being when people come to comment on a video, they get all technical and opinionated about it. For example, “The filters aren’t working for me” one might say when looking at this video. But let me tell you something: This was good. You honestly couldn’t make it any better. I’m not going to get all technical and opinionated like some posters on this forum do, i’m just going to tell you that what you’re making is good and will be enjoyed by the general public.

Good video, keep up the good work man.

Fantastic job.

This is an interesting shot, however I wouldn’t do entire movies featuring that single first-person cam, as when you do that you begin to notice the limitations of the sweps. However, this was a fantastic little treat. Filtering was nice.

This isn’t shitty in the slightest. Well made.

I really liked the video. Looking forward to the final release.

Awesome work, I cant wait to see more!

Thanks everyone, i’m starting to work with the final product today. I will probably add more realistic first-person view to the video so there is moving hands and legs etc. It will take a bit longer but i think it’s worth it.

That looks pretty intense.

Work on the filters, regardless to popular opinion, I find it over done in the idea section ( guy getting chased by zombies/creatures show in first person)
the filters seem too dark, like dark is good for this setting, but its so dark you can tell you applied filters to make it dark, the darkness is unfitting.

Maybe a bit harsh on the contrast but cool nonetheless.