Teaser of "Knight Rider 2008" Season 2 on GMod [FR]

Hi everyone !

With my friend, I do the S2 of Knight Rider 2008, and i have do a Teaser with KI3T who i made it on Cinema4D and the actors are from the serie. If you want to see the S2, help us ! We need to convert DFF and TXD Files (GTA Files) for GMod. If you halp us, the serie will see the day ! And if you want to have an English Teaser, say it to me and I do it in English. :slight_smile:

The Teaser of Knight Rider 2008 Season 2 [FR]

For help us : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1241635
Or my skype : charpy.alexis
My e-mail: flag.ki3t[at]gmail.com

See you soon ! :slight_smile:

Photos of car and people - You are next Spielberg!

Thanks :slight_smile: But it’s a joke or real ?

it is heavy, sour, brutal, unforgiving sarcasm. the moment it is forced through your cranium into your brain, mind and soul you’re doomed, but you won’t know it before the charge has already detonated, sending millions of pieces of ego-shattering shrapnel in all directions. and then as you cling to the edge of sanity, you see what the true meaning behind the kind words was, and your confidence in your own skills is left in ruin…

the best kind.

i love the smell of sarcasm in the evening.

You should put more effort in this, not just a few pictures of unknown people and car wievs from random sides. At least you could make that car drive somewhere like, you know.