"Tech-City. 2023. Under UPC Rule"- Street with many incidents.


Pic Notes:
*Why does the man on the bike appear to be falling off? A: He is. that’s why he’s got a leg out. to stop the bike.
*Why is that man lit up? A: UPC Hover-Drone. got a searchlight and broadcast camera that interrupts any broadcasts on TV to show it live. to humiliate and found out anomalies
*Why is the lit up man on the wall? A: He’s an anomaly.
*Why is the UPC Unit pointing? A: He’s just about to gun down the wall jumping anomaly.
*Who’s the main character? A: The guy in the hoody to the right.
*Why does the UPC officer guy seem pissed off with the UPC unit? A: He was mid-talking to him when he just started pointing.

Project 9 Notes:
*WTF Is project 9? - A cyber-bio-tech-punk-noir-action-futuristic-sci-fi game blueprint i created. a sort of amalgamation/assimilation of Dark Angel, Being Human, HL2. and Terminator. if you want it in a nutshell. but it’s a lot emotionally(I mean. like. as in it’s actually about humanity.) deeper and much more original than that.
*Who’s the player character/Main character? Jones Upwoods is the player character. a hoody-clad 23 year old pasty apparent weakling. However. he’s actually part of a Specific bloodline that has been bred since WWII. called the Anomalies. as due to their specific breeding, they have unique. improved DNA. which makes them formidably strong.(Not as much as the man/machine hodgepodge Transhuman units) Fast. Agile. etc.
*Who are the enemies? The UPC. United Police Corps. A totalitarian government-funded independantly-run corporation.
*Why are the UPC so bad? Delusions? “they’re just. bad men.”

The posing on the dude in the hood is pretty bad because people don’t bend their legs that much when they work. There’s quite a bit of wasted space in the top left too. Not a bad picture though.

Thanks for the CnC.
also about hoody-man’s bad legs. i hate nexus_elite’s physics models. they’re WAY too bendy. took me a bloodeh long time to get his arms to not look like they’ve been stomped on by a fat man.

The hunter dude is doing like an MJ Moonwalk.

Meh. i might continue this or leave it to melt like a t-1000

The ingame bloom is horrible.

There is none. i added that to emphasize the fact this isn’t a nice city. these aren’t nice people. there’s not much light down here in Tech.

Posing looks kind of weird on the hooded guy.

I think you misspelt something. or i don’t know what a bow is.

Something about the writing I don’t like, most likely because of some of the language.

The picture’s okay, but it does not of a definite focus on a character. The guy falling down, the ‘dude’ on the wall, and the ‘UPC’ guys all make it seem like a random snap shot.

posing too dark, too much blood and too dark
i don’t know why but I love the atmosphere of the city and picture

there’s no blood at all