Tech-com and Refugees relaxing +BONUS!

Just did a pose of what I see on the Taco Script Terminator Rp server, C&C


Apart from the guy who’s reloading in the first picture, the rest of the posing is near perfect. Good work!

:smiley: Thanks friend :smiley:

Lonely guy on the right is lonely, so he has to drink his troubles away! but nice Pictures!

This is good.
Good stuff man.

:smiley: Thanks guys

Eh I don’t like it, Something seems off on the first picture but I can’t figure out what…

Tell me if you figure it out

I like the first one,looks so peaceful

Thanks bunches buddy :smiley:

If only they had Australian servers :frowning:

Your missing out

Is this server still up? because I heard that a hacker messed up the taco script site and deleted all of its files.


Is that a yes to the server being up or it being down?

Its up

posing is eh. Where did you get that Terminator skin btw?

Taconbanana megapack

Nice poses! Good job Hunter!

Thanks buddy :smiley: