Tech-Priest of Adeptus Mechanicus

Tried to do something original. Yeah it’s dark.

Grim darkness of far future…


A bit dark, but pretty nice. Love the laser beam. Have palette.

looks cool

I can’t really tell what I’m looking at to be honest.

Looks nice at what i can see though.

Love the effects. You deserve a pallet.

Master CaMpEr, brightening, a little would help, hm?

Oh NOW i see.

Sorry for being blind, it looks awesome.

Paint set for you. :smiley:

It was actually my fault, I wasn’t going to make the pic so dark at first.

Can’t exactly see whats going on even in the second one, but it looks nice… I think…

Yeah right. K, I’ll make even brighter version.


Okay, added outlines for the Tech-Priest. If you STILL don’t see what’s going on, then get some glasses.

The one in the OP looks awesome, people just need to look at it for some seconds :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice effects man and nice use of models.

loves WH40k

Nice. Original.