Tech Tree > Blueprint Fragments System

First of all I’d like to credit “Damoc” for his Idea of the “Tech Tree”. Being only a brief response to a salty “fuck blueprints” thread I think it deserves more attention.

Here’s what Damoc said:

So now my thoughts on this…

So what if you could guide your blueprints at least into several directions? I split the items up into groups.
Either we need different types of fragments for each group or an option to select what type of blueprint one would like to research.
Here are some examples how I imagine the sub types of bluprint fragments could look like:

  • Tools (contains all tools, miner’s hat etc)
  • Low-tier weapons (melee, crossbow, HV arrow)
  • Base defense (barricades, traps and walls)
  • Clothing (helmets, armors, Rad suit …)
  • Economy (large box, quarry, pump jack, refinery, large furnace…)
  • Firearms (all guns and ammo)
  • Demolition (rockets, the launcher, explosives, c4)

I’m not sure about the Idea of people losing some of their BPs upon death, at least not all the BPs should be possible to lose. Don’t let players lose their basic BPs.
This would entirely change how people use sleeping bags. They’re not supposed to be farming spawns at the monuments or frequently used teleports from north to south.
Also, many players would have to use their BPs as long as they can to craft a stock of (example) AKs for later research in case of death.
If I was a new player and I just got a good blueprint from fragments, I would really hate to lose them when I get killed. This won’t help the new players at all, big clans will just have enough AKs, Rocket launchers or whatever to replicate at the research table.

Share your thoughts

The new system is already a tech tree of sorts:

Blueprint Library - 1200 Fragments to create

Metal Facemask
Metal Chestplate
Bolt Action
Rad pants
Rad Jacket
HV Pistol
Incendiary 556
Pump shotty
Rocket launcher
Custom SMG
HV Rocket
Incendiary Rocket
Explosive 556
HV 556
Incendiary pistol

Blueprint Book - 300 fragments to create

Shotty Slug
Coffee Can Helmet
Metal Barricade
Red Snow Jacket
Huge wood sign
Snap trap
Metal Pick
Rad Boots
F1 Grenade
Blue Bucket Helmet
Salvaged Pickaxe
Salvaged Cleaver
Miners Hat
Black snow jacket
Shotty Buckshot
Rad Helmet
Riot Helmet

Blueprint Page - 60 fragments to create

Large water catcher
survey charge
rad gloves
small oil refinery
large med kit
pump jack
road sign kilt
salvaged sword
road sign jacket
pistol bullet
leather gloves
beancan grenade
stone barricade
large wood sign
salvaged axe
metal hatchet
salvaged hammer
barbed wooden barricade
snow jacket wood camo
mining quarry

Blueprint - 20 fragments to create

HV Arrow
Med syringe
Wood floor spikes
stone spear
large box
large furnace

The only limitation is that there is nothing preventing you from learning a blue print you already know, or letting you choose which BP you want to research.

You can also collect your frags and stuff them in your research table if there is something you want to learn as well.

I’ve played with the new BP system. It’s not a tech tree. It’s gambling. When I need hatchet and pickaxe BPs I might end up with lots of BPs for med kits and stone barricades. The research table part is true and works fine.

Losing research on death is a pretty stupid addition for the reason you described. Would be too frustrating to deal with for everyone. If the goal is to slow down progression, the same could be achieved by increasing the amount of material you need to unlock the research in the first place. If the goal is to give more risk to death, well there are other ways to do that without causing you to grind another 1-2 hours every time you die.

Other than that, I love the idea. Research needs to be less luck based and more of an investment over time.

Not stupid at all. That said loosing a whole branch would be a bit too much. Loosing a random blueprint wouldn’t be so bad, but it would suck enough that people would try to avoid dying. Just check at the death log on the average server, most are suicides… This is a survival game, if death should not be punished at the very least long life should be.

Suicide should be punished in some way. One random blueprint on death might work out, but as said in the OP I am not sure about it…

My biggest problem with this system is that it is still pretty common to find rare BPs as well as full rare items in barrels.

I like the idea of BP frags, but they seem somewhat redundant at the minute - In the many restarts I have done since they were added I haven’t crafted a single 1200 frag BP as it’s far easier to just go for weapons or their BPs in drops and use the frags to research them. Saving 1200 frags takes far too long for just a chance at getting the BP you want, when you have a good chance of getting good stuff while getting those frags anyway.

It would be awesome if gun BPs/guns didn’t drop from barrels/crates and from airdrops only, maybe that way the lower tier weapons like shotguns/revolvers would be much more prevalent early in a wipe. It feels far too easy to get geared up which makes it kinda boring at the minute because that fun sense of progression goes away quite quickly.

I really like the idea of a tech tree. In fact, I like it so much I spent several hours crafting one that I think would be very effective for gameplay.

I think that the blueprint tree should be something that would require blueprint fragments to progress through. That way you could either gamble using pages or whatever, research items you found with fragments in the research table, or use the research table to progress through the research tree.

Every blueprint in the tree would require a certain amount of blueprint fragments to discover and would vary as your progress through it. However that wouldn’t necessarily mean it would continue to grow larger and larger every time.

I also disagree with losing blueprints on death, you already lose enough on death in Rust. Your knowledge should never die in Rust because it would just make it harder for players with less known BPs.

Nice tree. Maybe one could make people lose knowledge of one “recipe” above a certain tier upon death. That way the more advanced players might hold back their agression while allowing less advanced players to play catch up. This would also reduce the ammount of OP items. You would also gain an incentive to protect players on your team with good “recipes”.

Has been suggested numerous times, but the devs have resisted any kind of skill tree system that smacks of RPG. With blueprint fragments, it makes sense that a particular “type” of fragment could be put towards a particular branch of technology, which would allow players to focus their research. But unless they decide it’s worth putting a separate inventory section, having four or five different types of blueprint fragments or pages forming stacks in your inventory is prohibitive.

A possible solution would be to allow players to spend more than the standard number of fragments/pages/books when cashing in for a blueprint, for the benefit of having it weighted towards items you don’t know yet. It would be expensive and impractical if you only know half of a particular tier, but when you get down to the end and there’s only a few items left, most players would be willing to spend 3 or 4 times the cost rather than roll the dice with a 1 in 12 chance.

I think that instead of making a separate inventory screen they should just incorporate the tree into the research table, therefore expanding its uses in-game. I’m just hoping for a way to skip all the bull and get straight to the research with certainty of what I’m going to get. I don’t like gambling no matter how likely I am.

blueprint system is good, don’t reset blueprints again :frowning:

Hate to break it to you but blueprints are force wiped every few weeks, they’ll happen no matter what.

There has been only two forced BP wipes since Experimental launched. Wouldn’t call that “every few weeks”. Some servers wipe them more often but thats admin decision.

The blueprint system is a fine step on the way to a good system. For now, its good enough at it is. For the future, its not.

I also want some sort of tech tree including some punishment when you die. “Some”, not “you loose everything you ever learned, you loser” xD

I see BP wipes when a server starts to get overloaded with clans and new players can’t get a foot hold.

I’ll keep saying even though people the same 3 people vote it dumb every time

Get rid of the blue print system all together. Once you do your grind to get everything you never touch blueprints again.

Blue prints only hurt new players, and make disincentive to try new servers. If you get all your stuff blown up on one server there is much more incentive to just quit until the wipe because you don’t have to regrind blueprints. Blue print wipes happened once, so basically people have been playing with everything learned already every wipe. The game play wont change.

There is already progression built in the game that’s building your house. You don’t start naked then grind for 10 minutes and build an AK and c4. So honestly there isn’t a point to have some stupid system in place to strongly disincentivize trying a new server.

im playing on offical servers i see only 1 bp wipe for new system

I kinda like Raar’s suggestion too. But again, there are moddedservers out there where you don’t need to search for blueprints. I also really like most of the suggestions here.

That doesn’t solve any problems though.

There really isn’t any pro’s of blueprints other than some hollow “progression”

There are way way more con’s associated with it, it should just be removed and only used for alternate skins.

Only other way to fix it would make learned blue prints across all servers.