Tech Tree Renders Blueprints Obsolete

The entire mechanic of blueprint spawning/learning, in its current set up, is a complete waste of time.

It doesn’t add to gameplay. It’s not fun. It provides no real addition to the experience besides frustration.

After the 100th time you’ve recovered your necessary BPs due to wipes or server migrations, wasting literally hours upon hours, it really shines as one thing I’d rather never do.
Ever again.

Explain one purpose it serves to benefit the play? Seriously. Think about it.
With the now introduced tech tree (which was intended long ago), it provides the only difficulty curve this game needs.

The cosmetic Steam BPs should be the only collectable BPs.

An example of how stupid it is: I can make a working firearm, digital lock and a house by default, but I can’t craft a large chest! Makes total sense.

I think they’ve stated, in devblog, that some of the current BP system is placeholder.

The added research but at some point will likely address barrels.

They’ve already played with keypad lock not being default and now being default.

Don’t lose hope, you have valuable insights and they are just prioritizing certain things over others.

If you have been following twitter you will notice they are adding some sort of research bench to the satellite monument, perhaps that’s a step in the next path?

If not then they are simply trying to give more purpose to monuments, sphere tank will be getting fuel spawns at it’s base as well.

I sort of like having to learn BPs over and over. I feel like I’m getting somewhere on a new server. I then get to brag to friends how I found rockets before them and then we share/research. It would become a boring game if I only had to learn things once and could hop in any server with friends and make rockets right off the bat.

the bp barrel grind is a huge pain, and i’m not a fan but what are the alternatives? i like the idea of getting awarded bps as a sort of thankyou for time served, but on that server only and should certainly not be pay to win!

i do like the bp grind, but i think it should be more complicated than that, for example the more complicated bps such as guns, c4 etc requiring multiple components and the likelihood of one person having them all is small. encouraging trade and teaming up.

there should be some sort of automated server run trade/auction perhaps?

It would be interesting if some things didn’t have a BP and you couldn’t research it. Like AKs could only be found, but you could craft bullets. Or rockets were craftable but launchers weren’t. Or explosives only came in drops but the c4 BP could be obtained.

I agree, I’ve had the same game played among my clan mates and whatnot. Being in a team does make this part of the grind easier. Just feels like superficial fluff for the game that is anecdotal rather than necessary.
It’s nice to have a sense of progress early on as well, but I feel that falls onto resource collecting, base building, stocking up on tools/ammo/weapons/armor just fine.

I’m still totally for researching for more advanced items, but I feel learning recipes should be a progression, not a crap-shoot.

Let me elaborate: you SET the research table to produce a certain recipe, feeding it raw/processed materials until you’ve ‘developed’ the item blueprints through hard work, not RNG.

I rather have my spent time be productive.

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Seems it has been heard!!!
(This Reddit post comes well after mine, so I’m taking credit here)

Helk himself, whom I trust when it comes to gameplay tweaks, is on the case. God speed, Helk.

I’m all for this too, but like homeboy said above, they’ve mentioned reworking the research table so I’d say hold out for about a month and if not then start pushing this more.

It’s fucking magical how many times I have to research bullets to finally fucking get them. Magical.

So instead of spending 100 of hours barrel hunting you’ll spend 100 of hours climbing a tech tree

At least it’ll be less RNG.

I know a guy who hadn’t gotten a c4 bp for 2 fucking weeks, farming 4 hours a day.

Id rather just have you know everything off the bat and just require different work benches, the real progression is your house anyways