technical gmod problem that seems to be unfixable

Sometimes my game minimizes by itself and plays the last audio like a broken record, and sometimes it minimizes by itself and can’t be reopen but I can hear all the audio just fine as if the game is working. Why is it doing this?
I have updated GMOD, reinstalled it, updated my graphics card, reinstalled my OS and Steam.

I have never seen a problem like this…

Maybe you’re hitting something like the Windows Key with your wrist while you’re playing?
I had a problem LIKE before and I ended up realizing I was just hitting that key. :suicide: And I felt like an idiot. :suicide: If you’re absolutely certain that your not hitting any keys like the windows key. Then just get a new computer or stop playing the game. :smiley:

Post specs.

GPU: GeForce 8800 GTS
CPU: Intel Core 2 TM 2 Quad CPU Q8400 @2.66 GHz 2.67 GHz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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No I am not hitting a button

Try this advanced launch option

-dxlevel 80

then tell me your results

I’ll give it a go, thanks

Why would you tell him to do that? DirectX has nothing to do with his game minimizing. Also, his video card support DirectX 10, so why would he use DX8?

Game uses DX9 and 8. Also it’s minimizing but he can’t re open it either and all he’s hearing is audio just fine. At this stage it could be anything but hey it’s worth a try.

I also forgot he could actually try -window as well.

DX8 is quite broken in GMod, so I doubt it would make a huge difference.

I had the same problem when ever my web browser crashes (which is Mozilla Firefox, I know, its lame.). I just have to close it and re-open it using task manager.

Yeah the DX8 didn’t fix it, I still had the problem. The problem(s) occur when 1-2 hours in game sometimes it varies. A minimize with audio playing or a minimize with broken audio replay.

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This is exactly one of the problems I get once in a while: is firefox randomly crashing when it’s not even opened (guess I can try try to end the process overall in task manager)

If it minimizes on it’s own, it sounds like it’s not an issue with GMod, but rather Windows or some other external program.

Yeah it minimizes on it’s own but what in Windows could be causing it?

Anti virus notifications skype notifications(call or something else) Razer comms phone anything

I do have a razer program but this happened before I had my razer product also. I never see anything pop up after it minimizes,.