Technical Question: Phong Mask Bug?

I’m porting star ships from Star Trek: Legacy and the specular masks are half the resolution of their corresponding bumpmap.

In the source engine, I am forced to upsize the specular mask so it can be placed in the bumpmap’s alpha channel. This quadruples the filesize of the mask and enhances nothing.

One semi-functional alternative I’ve discovered is to place the phong mask in the basetexture’s alpha and use $basemapalphaphongmask, since they are the same resolution. However, using $bumpmap in conjunction disables both the phongmask and the bumpmap. $basemapalphaphongmask works perfectly without $bumpmap … but I need the bumpmap.

Is there any other way to get the phong mask to load without changing its resolution? I dont want to downsize the bumpmap either. Here are the specs of the textures.

Basetexture: 512x512
Phong Mask: 512x512
BumpMap: 1024x1024

Mind posting the VMT here?

Nope. Having the mask in the $bumpmap’s alpha is just how Source works.

Would the mask work as an exponent map? That might be your only option.