"Technological Superiority" - Cyborg after fight in lobby.

Only ingame editing.

wow what in the world that looks epic!

Now that is some good editing.

cool, do you still have the original?

It’s ingame editing dude.

Lmao this is crazy.

When I look at the eyes, the blood and the dof (? dunno the name, maybe it’s bloom) I kind of doubt

but the pic is awesome…

I’m back.


Nice good editing.

More like an android. But still epic.

He NEVER edits it, that’s all ingame post processing.

Very good

Looks good! Did you use light bulbs for his eyes?

The most amazing ingame editing i’ve ever seen.

I won’t ever believe it IS ingame editing, until i get a video proof.


looks pretty ingame to me. people are just blind

And how in hell can you actually make some lights without using the light tool, which actually emits ROUND shaped lights, while the picture’s are sharp?

Wow… simply amazing. Now give me one where he’s fighting a walrus.

Very carefully. I think you quoted the wrong person. He could have turned them sideways. This is kinda like figuring out how the magician’s do their illusions.

Oh god… guys… i just used glow tool from this incredible pack!

seriously, USE IT.