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Welcome to TechSource!

To connect type net.connect

Our Features!

Starter Kits: (Kit Wood) (Kit Research) (Kit Builder) (Kit Starter)
No fall damage: So go ham jumping off mountains :smiley:
No sleepers : So you can sleep safe at night
Active admins: We have many Admins that our on the sever all the time (Inculding me) They will help you with anything you need whether its a /time day vote or you just want a pillar
removing we will help!
No Wipe: This server will not wipe, So you can actually get started without all your items being removed with the first day of starting :smiley:
Instant Crafting:This is useful for when your building a base and you have to wait 5 mins to make foundations All the pain is gone with Instant Craft!
Airdrops: Airdrops will happen every 15-30 mins in game called in via a admin/moderator.

The server will be going under a new SuperAdmin soon so expect some good changes, that is basically what much more means because when this we plan to add things like Tpa, Shops, no durability, and base alarm And most likely more that i cant think of.

Thank you on behalf of TechSource for reading, And i hope to see you on the battlefield soon

Happy Hunting

// [TS]Demonio

Seriously Dude…Read it